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Canned Tomatoes - Canned Tomatoes

Vantia D.o.P San Marzano Tomatoes - 28.0 Oz


• Imported Whole Peeled Italian Tomatoes
• Certified D.O.P. San Marzano
• Grown in Agro Sarnese-Nocerino Area
• Size : 28 oz. x 4. 

A tomato unlike any other: san marzano tomatoes contain less seeds than classic tinned tomatoes. The volcanic soil in which they grow helps them to develop their signature balanced, sweet & intensely fruity flavor. Simple ingredients: our san marzano tomatoes contain no artificial ingredients or added sugars. They are packed in a thick puree of san marzano tomatoes, along with a basil leaf & salt. Packed in Sicily: our tomatoes are grown between Naple & Salerno, in the fertile volcanic plains beneath the Vesuvius volcano. They are stamped by the pomodoro san marzano dell'agro sarnese nocerino d.O.P. Label, ensuring the authenticity of the product. 96 years of experience: vantia is a brand owned by a 96-year-old food importer

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