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Dry Pasta & Noodles - Dry Pasta & Noodles

Rustichella d'Abruzzo Pappardelle Pasta - 8.8 Oz Tray


• Artisan dried pasta crafted in Abruzzo, Italy
• Supple egg pasta nests; made from free-range eggs, top-quality flours, and Apennine mountain spring water
• Extruded through bronze rolling pins for a rustic texture that holds sauce beautifully
• Slowly air-dried at low temperatures to further develop flavor
• Wide Egg Pappardelle are traditionally served with slow-cooked, hearty sauces like ragu

Rustichella d'abruzzo egg pasta is produced using whole eggs, and high quality semolina. We use a higher quantity of eggs, about 7 per kilo of semolina, than many manufacturers who, in accordance with Italian legislation, use 4 eggs per kilo of semolina. The process is carried out using traditional methods and the sheets of pasta are extruded through bronze. This method creates a pleasant rough surface on the product, ideal for helping it to absorb the sauce, which penetrates the pasta to make it even more tasty and full of flavor

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