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Olive Oil - Olive Oil

Rustichella D'Abruzzo Extra Virgin Olive Oil - 16.9 Fl Oz Bottle


Extra virgin. The region of Abruzzo, Italy is dotted with lush green hills and golden swaying wheat. Gianluigi Peduzzi, the owner of Rustichella d'abruzzo, selects only the finest olives from Abruzzo to produce his outstanding extra virgin olive oil. Gianluigi only uses olives from Abruzzo, a mix of 80% Dritta Francavillese and 20% Leccino cultivars. Deliciously fresh, fruity, and just slightly peppery on the finish. Suggested Use: Perfect for serving with white beans, grilled poultry, and herbs, or drizzled over thick soups. Use for creating pasta sauces, pestos, and pairs perfectly with any Rustichella d'abruzzo pasta

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