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Dry Pasta & Noodles - Dry Pasta & Noodles

Rustichella d'Abruzzo Egg Lasagne 8.8 Oz


Delicate Egg Pasta Lasagne Sheets from Abruzzo, Italy These rich, eggy noodles come in flat rectangular sheets to make the perfect lasagna, just as they do in northern Italy. In addition to gorgeous golden color, these lasagne noodles have supple texture that results in the lightest, silkiest, most cloud-like final product. About the Producer In 1981, Nicolina Peduzzi decided to revive the pastificio (pasta factory) her father had started 50 years earlier in a small town in Abruzzo, Italy. More family members joined the business, which quickly grew into one of the most extensive artisanal pasta lines in Italy. Nicolina, the matriarch, remains the keeper of artisan core values, which she demonstrates personally at every incredible meal she cooks for the family. (And in fact, in the Peduzzi family, many important business decisions are made over a heaping dish of spaghetti!) It is these wonderful meals and moments shared at the family table that ensure that Rustichella d'abruzzo will continue to maintain high levels of integrity, professionalism and passion for quality

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