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Canned Tomatoes - Canned Tomatoes

Rega Cherry Tomatoes - 14 Oz


• Three pack, Rega brand whole cherry tomatoes 14 oz cans. Imported from Italy
• Naturally sun-ripened, delicate & sweet tomatoes packed in Striano
• Make quick but delicious pasta dinners at home with simple ingredients
• Cherry Tomatoes grown in Puglia, Italy & they are particular because they are more sweet than other type of tomatoes. 

Cherry tomatoes by Agriconserve Rega are cooked Italian ripened cherry tomatoes from Puglia. This delicious Italian product is filled with a sweet, mild flavor & a refreshing aroma. Italian cuisine is known for its versatile use of tomatoes. Cherry tomatoes, originating from today's Peru & Ecuador, have been known to humankind for 80000 years. These small red fruits are juicier & have a more robust flavor than regular tomatoes. Canned tomatoes have their skins removed & are cooked during the sterilization process. The taste of canned tomatoes differs from fresh ones; canned tomatoes tend to have a sweeter & more acidic flavor. You can find other Italian tomatoes in our online grocery store. Agriconserve Rega is a family-run company that Luigi Rega founded, & for the last 15 years it has been growing non-stop, exporting to over 40 countries. This Italian company produces tomato & legume products as well as bioproducts. With their focus on environmental stability & high-quality products, Agriconserve Rega uses a new thermal evaporator, which reduces the usage of electricity & steam during the production process. Cherry tomatoes by Agriconserve Rega are a great addition to pasta & fried chicken. You can enjoy it as a basis for your sauces or make delicious chili with it

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