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Pure Leaf Black Tea, Unsweetened - 18.5 Fl Oz


• 18.5 oz Bottle
• Hand-selected black tea leaves are freshly brewed in water until the drink achieves the perfect flavor
• Brewed from real tea leaves
• 0 Calories per 8-oz serving

Unsweetened, iced tea, concentrate, raspberry tea, China, India. Black tea - 18 oz - 12 / carton pure leaf tea is brewed with real tea leaves, never from powders or concentrates, to ensure each bottle delivers a deliciously fresh-brewed taste. Real tea leaves are meticulously grown using a process that's been crafted over generations to provide a consistently flavorful beverage you'll enjoy. Every plant is cared for by farmers who are committed to the highest standards to offer a crisp, refreshing beverage that's never short on flavor. Pure leaf tea is perfect for impressing visitors, increasing office morale and more

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