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Canned Tomatoes - Canned Tomatoes

Pomi Tomatoes, Finely Chopped - 26.46 Oz


• 100% natural
• No artificial flavors
• No preservatives

From 100% fresh Italian tomatoes. All natural. No fat. No sodium added. No artificial flavor. No citric acid. No preservatives. No water added. Gmo free. Bpa free. Pomitrace: the origin of this product. Pomi finely chopped tomatoes, like all pomi products, are made from 100% natural, fresh-tasting, garden-ripe Italian tomatoes. Pomi finely chopped combines the consistency of the passata with small chunks of tomato, smaller than the ones in pomi chopped. The consistency and fragrance of finely chopped tomatoes is perfect for adding the fresh taste of garden-ripe Italian tomatoes to many delicious recipes, especially the summer ones such as bruschetta, no-cook spaghetti sauce, gazpacho, guacamole etc. Conveniently, without the fuss. All pomi products are sealed in bpa-free packages. They are 100% natural, with no artificial ingredients, gluten free, gmo free & are a natural source of lycopene. Made in Italy

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