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Poliziano Rosso Di Montepulciano, Tuscany 750 Ml


Vintage varies. •Strong, ruby red wine with garnet nuances. •Aromas of ripe, red fruits in the nose , accompanied by bromine and blueberries and pronounced plum notes. •On the palate , this red wine proves to be velvety, full -bodied and extremely tasty, with an excellent, fruity finish. Blend. Italy. Rosso di montepulciano is a simpler version of vino nobile, intended for earlier consumption, lighter foods, and everyday drinking. Poliziano has dedicated some of its vineyards specifically for the rosso,working to produce grapes that are best suited for producing a young, fruity wine, full bodied but not overly tannic. It is made from 80% prugnolo gentile (sangiovese) grapes, supported by merlot. The rosso is the foundation wine of the poliziano lineup

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