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Olive Oil - Olive Oil

Partanna Olive Oil, Extra Virgin, Sicilian - 34 Fl Oz


• A monovarietal oil, only made with 100% Nocellara del Belice olives from the province of Trapani in Sicily
• It's bottled immediately after the harvest in mid-October in a dark tin to keep it fresh longer
• The oil has a rich flavor profile, with notes of artichokes, almonds, and a peppery finish
• The Sicily olive oil has received awards for quality that ranked it as the best olive oil in the world

Extra virgin. Since 1916. Top quality. Fruit taste. First cold-pressed. Superior category olive oil obtained directly from olives solely by mechanical means. All natural - cholesterol free. The Partanna is freshly produced oil packed immediately after the first pressing, in mid-October. It is undecanted, therefore appearing even cloudier and greener, more herbaceous, and pizzicante in flavor. Partanna is produced only once a year, always in October, and like all genuine olive oil, its appearance in the tin is subject to changes over the passing of a year its flavor becomes gradually mellower. It becomes clearer as the sediments drop to the bottom of the tin and adopt a golden hue. This is the same oil that the Asaro family uses every day at home

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