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Moretti Semola Semolina Flour


• Produced in Italy
• 500g package - vacuum sealed
• Brand : Moretti
• Dimension: 6.65 X 3.7 X 2.24 inches

Semolina is the purified milling of durum wheat. Semola is derived from the Latin word for flour, and semolina is the common name for this special flour. This ingredient adds structure and bites to homemade pasta and a small amount added to pastry dough adds a rustic character. From the Bergamo area of the Lombardia, Moretti's Semolina is made in the family's modern milling plant where wheat kernels are turned into flour by a process that employs grooved steel rollers. The rollers flake off the bran and germ while the starch (endosperm) is cracked into coarse pieces by the process. Through sifting, these endosperm particles are separated from the bran: this is semolina. Semolina made from durum wheat is yellow in color and high in gluten. Semolina is recommended for homemade pasta, bread, and baking. Note: Some of the packages are packed tighter than others and the vacuum seal may loosen in transit. The producer and importer have assured us this does not impact product integrity. For longer storage, place it in the freezer

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