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Moretti Polenta Bramata, Coarse - 500 G Bag


• Polenta
Brand: Moretti
• Dimension: 6 X 3.3 X 2.1 inches

Polenta is extremely versatile, as it becomes complementary to the flavor of the dish it accompanies. The afficionados like polenta dressed only with butter and gorgonzola, crescenza, or other stracchino cheeses. Those less keen on the basic flavor of polenta prefer it as an accompaniment to rich stews of meat or fish. Polenta is excellent with stewed cuttlefish, for instance, or with jugged hare or stewed venison. Polenta can be made in advance and, when cold, baked in layered slices with meat sauce, cheeses, bechamel, etc. Sliced polenta is also broiled, grilled, or fried and served as an accompaniment to meat and game, or used as a base for bruschetta

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