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Dry Pasta & Noodles - Dry Pasta & Noodles

Garofalo Radiatori, No. 87 - 16 Oz


• Six packages of semolina pasta (96 oz total)
• Made in Gragnano, Italy
• Suitable for Vegetarians
• Ou Kosher certification

The word "Basil", is from basales which means king in Greek and literally it means regal and so "Royal grass". Basil is essential the Mediterranean kitchens and today it is very common, many varieties exist, the best known is Genoese Basil"", with small leaves and strong smell. Basil is the basic ingredient of pesto. The "Neapolitan" basil is like a leaf of lettuce, with a delicate perfume and a scent of mint and there are many other. There is an ancient popular superstition that advises not to cut the basil with the blade of the knife because the contact with the metal would alter the taste but to tare by hand into small pieces. Dry basil completely loses its aroma, but if you want to preserve it to have it available for winter the best way is to put it in oil, obviously extra virgin olive oil. Do not wash the leaves but clean them with a cloth, put in a glass jar with a pinch of salt in order to preserve the green color and then covered with oil

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