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Forno Bonomi Ladyfingers - 17.5 Oz


• Essential for Tiramisu
• Dip them in your coffee
• Delicate Sponge Cakes
• Imported from Italy
• Shaped like fat fingers

Fresh. Ladyfingers (Savoiardi in Italian) are small, delicate sponge cakes that are shaped like large, rather fat fingers. Their light texture results from the small proportion of flour to sugar, as well as the large number of eggs used in their production. The French call them "Cat's tongue cookies," and sandwich them together with nougat. These little cakes are also soaked in liqueur to be used in Charlottes and cakes .These ladyfingers are produced by Bonomi in Italy, who intentionally make them firm so that they can stand up to wet ingredients. When soaked in liqueur or covered in cream, they become soft and spongy. Ladyfingers are famous for their usage in Tiramisu. The Italian word tiramisu means "Pick me up," indicating that this dessert gives you a happy lift. Tiramisu is sinfully rich, made of ladyfingers soaked in coffee, layered with a mascarpone and liqueur filling. Buy these with a tub of our Mascarpone Cream and try making tiramisu for yourself! This package includes approximately 60 ladyfingers

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