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Fiuggi Natural Mineral Water 6 1L


Flat, glass bottle, mineral, multi-pack, unflavored, bottle. 
• Product of Italy - The World's Most Famous Healing Water
• Low Mineral Content, Sodium Free.
• Helps Prevent and Remove Kidney Stones.
• Excellent Remedy for UTI, Gout and Uratic Arthropathies.
• Rumored to be the Choice of The Vatican. 
Fiuggi, for several centuries, has been a favorite of artists like Michelangelo and of Popes like Bonifacio VIII. The organoelectric and therapeutic characteristics of Fiuggi water are maintained without degenration in the bottles. Rumour has it that Fiuggi oligomineral water is the drink of choice at the Vatican. With its refreshing nature and many advantages, it is no surprise why

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