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Dry Pasta & Noodles - Dry Pasta & Noodles

Di Martino Penne Rigate - 16 Oz Bag


• PGI certified pasta made in Gragnano, Napoli by utilizing local spring water and the best quality Italian ingredients
• Dried at a low temperature allowing the gluten to stay elastic making the pasta 40% resistant to overcooking.
• Contains a minimum 14% protein, that is 30% higher than regular pasta specs!
• Exporting to more than 35 countries, and producing more than 126 cuts of pasta, Di Martino is a point of reference in the world of Gragnano pasta.

Di Martino pasta penne rigate is an authentic Italian pasta packed in a custom-designed dolce & gabbana tile design, adding an extra luxurious touch to this exceptional Italian pasta. With its distinct cylinder shape, each piece is cut at an angle. Pasta is an indispensable part of Italian gastronomy; however, it might come as a surprise that its origins are shrouded in mystery. While most are convinced, it was born in Italy; some believe Marco polo was the one who brought pasta back from china! Nonetheless, Italy is the pioneer who revolutionized pasta. With more than 400 known pasta types, there's one for everyone! Di Martino is an Italian pasta maker with over 100 years of expertise. The brand's story began in 1912 when Giuseppe di Martino became the master of making short pasta at his first factory. Today di Martino is one of the best Italian pasta and gnocchi manufacturers producing its delights with Italian durum wheat semolina and pure local spring water. Pasta penne rigate by di Martino makes for an exquisite pasta for enjoying with chunkier meat and vegetable-based sauces as well as spicy tomato-based sauces

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