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Pasta Sauce - Pasta Sauce

Cento Tomato Sauce, Sauce Italiano 15 Oz


• Made with all natural ingredients
• The package weight of the product is 1. Pounds
• Country of origin is United States

Fresh, Tomato Sauce

Take your homemade Italian dishes to a whole new level with cento tomato sauce. This tasty and authentic style gravy is ideal for busy individuals who desire delicious meals, but don't have all day to labor in the kitchen. The Italian plum tomato sauce is packed full of flavor with seasonings like garlic powder, salt, onion powder and a variety of spices. Use this Italian masterpiece to add flavor and texture to a variety of meals like meatloaf, grilled chicken, shrimp with pasta and so much more. Eat healthier with this sauce as it contains only 20 calories per serving along with essentials like vitamins a and c and iron in each can

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