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Briati Cheese Wedge, Romano - 5 Oz


Sheep's Milk, Wedge, Romano, Hard

Romano cheese by Briati is one of the most beloved cheeses. Characterized by its hard texture and intense aroma, Romano is sharp and tangy in flavor. Romano cheese is one of the most ancient cheeses, dating back to the Roman Empire. Made with either pasteurized or unpasteurized milk, Romano has a gritty, grainy texture and is perfect for grating. Romano's most famous version is Pecorino Romano, or Romano made with Sheep's rich milk. Believed to have graced the tables of Roman emperors, Southern Italian artisans have retained an original preparation method of Romano, whereas the cheese wheels are salted numerous times upon drying to deliver that sharp taste. You can explore the world's best pecorino Romano cheese in our curated collection at Yummy Bazaar. Briati is a collection of imported Italian and domestic cheeses. Carefully selecting the raw materials and using premium fresh milk, Briati's superb cheese selection ranges from Parmigiano Reggiano to Mozzarella. Pecorino Romano has a wide variety of uses. Grate this wedge over spaghetti, risotto, salad, or meatballs to lift and enhance their natural flavors

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