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Bonomelli Chamomile Herbal Tea, 14 Bags, 0.99 Oz, 28g


• Each tea bag contains all parts of the chamomile flower providing full flavor, aroma and health benefits
• All natural
• Made from 100% chamomile flowers
• Perfect for a mid-afternoon tea break
• Product of Italy

Unsweetened, Caffeine free, bag, low calorie, chamomile. Bonomelli filtrofiore chamomile tea is unique because it consists of the whole top of the dried flower. This way, the rich and enveloping aroma of the plant is accompanied by the flower's well-known relaxing properties. It comes from the selection of the best chamomile crops in Italy, where Bonomelli oversees the production chain from field to cup, and in the world. It is ideal to accompany you in a pleasant moment of relaxation, in the evening or after main meals

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