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Antonio Mattei Biscotti Di Prato


• Delicious, traditional Tuscan treat
• Mostly hand made since 1858 in the same bakery in the heart of the city of Prato on Via Ricasoli
• Made with flour, farm fresh eggs which impart that golden yellow color, sugar, almonds, bitter almonds and a few pine nuts
• Packed in the traditional blue paper bags tied in the traditional string for over 100 years
• From Tuscany

Biscotti. Fresh. From Tuscany, please enjoy these delightful biscotti produced by the Mattei family in Prato, since 1858. If you are well traveled, you may be familiar with this traditional blue packaging. This famous product is found in gourmet shops throughout Florence. They are so famous, they are known as Biscotti di Prato! An authentic, delicious Tuscan treat, packed with nuts, these biscotti have a nice crunch without being overly hard and dry. Made with flour, eggs, sugar, almonds, and pine nuts. Perfect with Vin Santo – or coffee! 250 gr

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