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Olive Oil - Olive Oil

Agrumato Extra Virgin Olive Oil Pressed with Lemons 16.9 Fluid Ounce


• Crafted from hand-picked citrus and olives
• Extra Virgin
• Produced from the olives of Abruzzo
• 500 ml Bottle
• Imported from Italy

Lemon. Crafted from hand-picked citrus and olives Extra Virgin Produced from the olives of Abruzzo 500 ml Bottle Imported from Italy Brand: Agrumato Model: 1 Agrumato oils stem from an ancient culinary tradition of Abruzzo, on the Adriatic sea. Farmers for centuries have crushed small quantities of olives with lemons for use in their own homes. All the olives are harvested by hand and the citrus is picked at perfect ripeness. The olives and fruit are crushed using a traditional stone mill. This crushing produces a paste that is pressed with low pressure and the juice is centrifuged to release the water from the oil. Only the oil from this first pressing is used, as it is the most intense and flavorful. This rare olive oil is golden green in color with a wonderful citrus aroma

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